All retreats are offered in conjuction with Shekina Spiritual Center.

At the Heart of the Church: The Ministry of Teaching

Regardless of what teachers teach, they teach people, and the better they teach the more they influence the whole person - head, heart and hands. To be an educator is to stand on holy ground - people's lives. No wonder the Bible promises that those who do it well, "shall shine like the stars of heaven forever." (Daniel 12:3) Thomas Groome Teachers and educators fulfill a specific Christian vocation and share an equally specific participation in the mission of the Church, to the extent that "it depends chiefly on them whether the Catholic school achieves its purpose." THE CATHOLIC SCHOOL: ON THE TRESHOLD OF THE NEW MILLENIUM

This one day retreat examines our call to minister as Catholic school teachers . It reflects upon the history and mission of Catholic schools, and our responsibilities as Catholic educators.
Building Faith Communities

Catholic schools have a rich potential for strengthening the bonds which unite a community. Teach Them- 1976
This one day retreat examines ways to nurture relationships and build faith within our classrooms, schools, and greater communities.


Conducting a Symphony of Souls
"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." John Quincy Adams
This one day retreat examines qualities of effective leadership, and how to create atmospheres of joy, ease, risk taking and community in our schools and classrooms.


When we “know God in ourselves and ourselves in God”, as Teresa of Avila advised,
we have the freedom to be poor and ordinary. We don’t have to prove anything,
we don’t have to defend anything, and we return from this place to the world with greater and enduring strength. And with this strength we’re flung back into the world unafraid. Richard Rohr
This one day retreat shows us how to use different types of prayer to intentionally draw us near to the Source of Life.

Self Care / Soul Care

“Exploring the inner landscape of a teacher’s life allows us to return, grounded and renewed, to the outer landscape of our lives. Having taken heart in the work to which we are called, we can give heart once again to our students, our colleagues, our schools, and our world—a world where heartlessness yields only to gifts and graces that come from within.” Parker J. Palmer
This one day retreat examines restoring the balance, health, and harmony of our bodies and souls, so that we can share our God given potential with those around us.

Retreat Cost:  $1000.00

Rates Negotiable for Catholic Schools.

Cost includes compensation for presenters.  Facility and meals can be arranged for an additional fee.